General Certificate of Education

Please Note: There is a NEW admissions policy for applicants completing GCE Advanced Levels

Applicants who wish to be considered for admission to King's on the basis of General Certificate of Education Examinations must submit the following:

  • Three distinct A-Level (or four distinct AS-Level) academic subjects. General Paper is not acceptable.
  • General Certificate of Education (GCE) A Level examinations will be considered for admission if marks obtained are A, B, or C.
  • Students who receive a 'B' grade on final GCE Advanced level exams will receive transfer credit for those courses approved by King's.
  • Specific math prerequisite courses are required for admission to Management and Organizational Studies.
  • Submission of five IGCSE/GCSE/Ordinary Level academic subjects or equivalent is required as reference for past academic success. General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) examinations will be considered a pass if marks obtained are A, B, or C.

Applicants may be considered for conditional admission on the basis of predicted results while in progress in the GCE Advanced Level/Advanced Subsidiary Level courses. Predicted results and final O-Level results must be submitted directly to King's University College. Self-reported GCE Advanced Level Grades Form

GCE Advanced Level and / or Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level documents should be sent directly to King's University College for the examining boards as listed below:

  • AQA: Confirmation of Results to a Third Party
  • Cambridge (CIE): Certifying Statement of Results
  • Edexcel: Certifying Statement of Results
  • OCR: Certifying Statement of Results

Certificates must be official. Photocopies are acceptable if certified by school principal, head, or counsellor.

Advanced Standing: Students who receive a "B" on final Advanced Level exams will receive transfer credit for those courses approved by King's.         

Western Credit
Credit Weight
Accounting Business 2257 1.0
Art (Art and Design) Visual Arts 1020 1.0
Biology Biology 1222 1.0
Business Business 1220E 1.0
Computing Computer Science 1026A and 1027B 1.0
Economics Not eligible  
English Language Not eligible  

English Literature


English 1020E

Geography 1300A and 1400F



History Not eligible  








Arabic 2250

French 1910 or 1900E

German 2200

Portuguese 2200

Spanish 2200








Further Math

Calculus 1000A

Math 1020 TRN



Physics Physics 1301A + 1302B


Psychology Psychology 1020 TRN 1.0
Sociology Sociology 1020 or 1021E 1.0
Technology Not eligible  
Theatre Not eligible

** Transferred courses with a designation of TRN are no directly equivalent to King's/Western courses but may be used toward your degree.