How To Apply

If you have submitted an undergraduate application to King's University College and have not yet received an acknowledgement including your Western Student Number, you can expect to receive this within the first 5 business days of January.

Ready to make a full-time application? Online applications are available at the Ontario Universities' Application Centre's Web site:  If you have any questions or concerns about the application procedure, please contact the OUAC centre at 519-823-1063.

Full Time Application Fees
  • Ontario high school students (101 form) $150.00 (CDN)
  • Other full-time undergraduate applicants (105 form) $156.00 (CDN/Permanent Residents)
  • Other full-time undergraduate applicants (105 form) $166.00 (International Students)
  • Additional application choices (in all categories): $50.00 per choice
Post-secondary evaluation fee

A single non-refundable evaluation fee of $87.50 (Canadian) payable to the OUAC is required of all applicants with a post-secondary background who apply on a part-time, 101, 105D or 105F application, except CEGEP applicants.

Part-time students work on their degree by taking 3.0 or fewer course credits at one time.

If you are interested in part-time studies, complete the part-time application. If you wish to start part-time in the spring/summer but study on a full-time basis in the fall/winter, please fill out the full-time OUAC application and indicate Summer as your expected enrolment date.

Click here for Part-Time Application.

Application Deadlines
  • March 1, 2017 - Intersession, Summer Evening, Summer Distance Studies
  • May 1, 2017 - Summer Day
  • July 1, 2017 - Fall/Winter Distance Studies and Part-time on campus courses
Part Time Application Fees

All applicants - $58.00 (CDN)

Post-secondary Evaluation Fee

A single non-refundable evaluation fee of $87.50 (Canadian) is required of all applicants with a post-secondary background who apply on a part-time, 101, 105D or 105F application, except CEGEP applicants.

Once you have applied to an Ontario university, you can access your online application to:

  • pay your application fee, or any outstanding fee balances, if you have not already done so (note that it will take one business day to process your payment before you can access your application);
  • review all of the application information you provided to the OUAC;
  • add, delete or change your university or program choices;
  • make changes to your personal, address, prior institution, or activities information;
  • add a new transcript request; and
  • accept or decline university offers of admission.

You can access your application throughout the application cycle to change your information including your university program choices. However, keep in mind that some universities may not accept program changes past a certain date. Please check the individual university websites to determine if they have any program-specific deadlines.

To change the program code or the university, you must delete the existing choice and then add the new choice using the “Add new program” link. Also, remember that if you add more program choices, you may have to pay additional fees including the supplementary fee for any new universities selected. For more information about the 105 fee structure, click the “Application Information” link under the left hand menu Help Links, then select the option “Fees”.

Some universities may further limit the number of choices at their institution. Please note that if you add a program for a new university, a detailed summary of the supplementary fees you are being charged for that new university will be displayed at the “Submit” step. Exemption rules may apply depending on your university selections and educational background. If any of the exemption questions apply to you, answer accordingly.

When you have completed all of these steps, you will immediately receive a single confirmation number for all submitted changes and/or responses to offers of admission made within this session. Below the confirmation number, you will see a summary of all your changes and/or responses. Print this page for your records.

If you do not receive a confirmation number, your changes and/or responses have not been saved and submitted to the OUAC. Please try again.