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A degree in Religious Studies provides an opportunity to study such topics as the existence of God, the meaning of human freedom, sacred rituals and literature as well as the rich tradition of the Christian religious heritage and other religious traditions and their relationships with contemporary culture.

A deeper understanding of the Christian vision or of other religious traditions can help you to form your own outlook on social, legal and ethical problems and help you to better understand those with whom you live and work.

King’s projects a minimum 78% final entrance average for Ontario high schools students. Averages are calculated on the top six 4U or 4M credits including English 4U.

College transfer students are required to have a minimum 2.7 GPA on an acceptable one-year certificate (General Arts and Sciences, Pre-Health Science, Human Services Foundation) or completed diploma. College transfer students may earn a maximum of five transfer credit. Individual courses must have a minimum achievement of 60% to be considered for transfer credit.

King’s projects a minimum 65% for admission for students transferring from another Canadian University. A maximum of ten transfer credit may be granted. Individual courses must have a minimum achievement of 60% to be considered for transfer credit.

  • Perplexing Issues,
  • The Meaning of Life at the Movies,
  • The Christian Bible,
  • Religions of the East,
  • Contemporary Moral Problems,
  • The Theology of Marriage,
  • Jesus the Christ,
  • Violence and Western Religions,
  • The Media and Religion,
  • World Religions:  Eastern Traditions,
  • World Religions:  Judaism and Islam

Careers in teaching, lay or ordained ministry, journalism, charitable organizations amongst others are open to Religious Studies grads.

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Fee details and schedules are available at futurestudents.kings.uwo.ca/fees

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Faculty Profile

Dr. Gyongyi (Ginger) Hegedus
Dr. Gyongyi (Ginger) Hegedus Religious Studies

Gyongyi (Ginger) Hegedus holds a Ph.D. from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) and an L.M.S. from the University of Toronto. She is cross-appointed in Philosophy and Religious Studies at King’s. She is interested in Medieval Islamic and Jewish thoughts, especially rational theology and the cross-sections of Islamic and Jewish mysticism. Her publications include books, translations of the works of Saadya Gaon and articles in diverse languages.

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