King's Academic Mentoring Program (K.A.M.P.)
King's Academic Mentoring Program (K.A.M.P.)
Welcome to University 101

KAMP a student led program that aims to provide support and function as a University 101 for incoming students.  KAMP seeks to improve students’ academic success and personal achievement through pairing incoming students with senior student mentors.  Mentors are trained to provide support in many aspects of the transition process to university, such as academia, campus involvement, and basic life skills.  The program presents an opportunity for senior students to give back to the King’s community and guide incoming students in their journey through academia.

3 Core Principles

Enhance: help students develop a sense of autonomy and competency

Foster: build relationships between students, faculty, and alumni

Encourage: promote collaborative learning experiences that allow students to gain real world knowledge and skills

KAMP Mentors: helping students navigate through university

Mentors provide guidance on:

  • Health and wellness
  • Goal setting
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Course information
  • Services at King’s

Student mentors provide an example of academic success and community involvement at King’s.  The mentors’ exemplary experiences and high quality training allow them to provide valuable resources and guidance to incoming students.