Learning Skills Services
Learning Skills Services

Learning Skills Services will help you learn a variety of scholastic skills.  These services are available for all current King’s students.  Individual and group sessions are available to assist you in maximizing your full potential.

Individual Counselling

Students can discuss individual issues and concerns about a range of learning skills with a Learning Skills Strategist. (see below for a sampling of common topics).  Students can come in for a single session to address a particular problem (e.g. breaking down a big assignment into manageable tasks), or multiple sessions for more pervasive problems (e.g. procrastination) that may require substantial support for skill development.

Common Topics

Time Management:  Long-term and short-term planning, task breakdowns, prioritizing, reverse scheduling, procrastination, and stress and anxiety

Note-Taking/Studying From Notes:  Cornell system, concept mapping, rewording/synthesizing, pre-reading, and active learning techniques

Test-Taking:  Multiple choice exams, essay exams, and prepping for multiple exams at once

Memory Strategies:  Mnemonics, flashcards, charts/graphs/diagrams, and concept mapping

Learning Skills Workshops

Drop-in workshops are provided on a range of learning skills topics (e.g. time management, test-taking, note-taking, presentation strategies, study groups) twice a week throughout the academic year in the King’s Student Life Centre.  These workshops are eligible for Brain Bucks for students in Residence, and all students can apply for the Certificate of Academic Engagement (or the Advanced Certificate) after they have attended the required number of sessions (4 and 6 respectively).  These certificates will be listed on the student’s Co-curricular Record.

To schedule an individual appointment with our Learning Strategist, please stop by Wemple Room 157, or call our office at 519-433-3491 ext. 4321.