Why King's

The Value of the Liberal Arts

A liberal arts education is essential to success in the 21st century. At King’s, liberal arts ideals become real-world skills. Knowing how to think critically, synthesize creatively and collaborate effectively are skills incredibly valued in the workplace. Employers need people who can communicate effectively, think creatively and are strong leaders. A King’s education is designed to help you develop your strengths while allow you the opportunity to discover new challenges. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools necessary to pursue a rewarding career and meaningful life.  

The King’s Difference

Small classes, intensive student/faculty interaction, quality programs, comprehensive student services, and a sense of community are the hallmarks of what makes King’s special. Small, interactive classes led by outstanding faculty are central to the King’s experience. Classes at King’s are small by university standards as the average first year class has 50-60 students. King’s students are also Western students. They can take some of their courses at Western or at the other university college - Brescia or Huron. King’s students have complete access to all the facilities and services at Western University. Most importantly, King’s student graduate with a Western degree.